Leslie Crandall, RN, BSN, BCPA
Wasatch Patient Advocates, Salt Lake City Utah
Confused by your diagnosis? Rest easy. We find answers.
Overwhelmed by an illness? Take Care of Yourself. We’ll Take care of the Rest.
Need help managing your parents’ health care?
You are not alone. We can help.
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Leslie Crandall

Wasatch Patient Advocates, Salt Lake City Utah

Navigating the Medical Maze

No one should weather a health crisis alone. Let us clear a path through the storm. As the health care system becomes more complicated and cost driven, patients’ needs can be overlooked. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

At Wasatch Patient Advocates, I put your needs first and can help you navigate a clear pathway. My extensive nursing background will bring you guidance, clarity, and peace of mind.

Call Now at (385) 429-0532 or send us an email:


Facing a new diagnosis or managing a complex illness can be overwhelming. You may be unclear about your disease, confused about what questions you should even ask, and unheard by your provider. An advocate may help. I help clarify your disease and treatment options, ensure answers are received, and maximize your time with providers. With a background in critical care nursing, I specialize in complex or challenging situations, and can smooth the bumpy patch of illness.


Illness leaves little time or energy to interact with the health care system. Calls to providers, appointment scheduling, researching doctors, hospitals, or treatments can be exhausting. Decision making skills can quickly be over-taxed. I provide the caring and supportive oversight of your illness that is so lacking in today’s health care system. Take care of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest.


Do you need more help caring for your aging parents? Seniors have specialized health needs that can quickly overload a family. Challenges of aging need to be addressed in an environment that maintains the value and dignity of your loved ones. I can help oversee the multiple needs of the elderly to ensure that appropriate, effective care is received and families are supported.

"Leslie's advocacy services have been incredible as she has provided me with not only helpful resources but also consistent emotional support. She has thoughtfully addressed each of my concerns through clear explanations of the diagnosis and plans of action to improve my health. While she is very meticulous in her explanations, she is also compassionate and very aware of my emotional needs. Her holistic way of addressing my health issues shows me that she genuinely cares about me and my wellbeing." G.G.- Salt Lake City

Call (385) 429-0532 to discuss the health care challenges you or your loved ones are facing. I can help you create a plan of care to meet your needs.